I’ve shot people I like more for less.

50.52 raylan givens ~ justified

(theme – copycat)

I don’t know who shot the promo photos for season 4 of Justified, but as soon as they came out I went all swoony. They’re gorgeous. I knew then I wanted to shoot something inspired by them, but never got around to it. In part, because I didn’t have a kick ass cowboy hat. I finally bought one last year. Anyway, Justified was brilliantly conceived and written by my fellow Michigander, Elmore Leonard. (No one will ever do noir, no one will ever do dialogue, like Elmore Leonard.) (As an aside, my step-mother-in-law used to know him, they golfed together a time or two.) The books were turned into one of the best television series of all time and Raylan Givens was portrayed perfectly by Timothy Olyphant. This is my homage.

promo shot from season 4 – my inspiration.

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